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Choosing the Right Bong Downpipes

bong downstem

Bong downpipes are an important aspect of bongs. They’re primarily concerned with the downstream movement of the smoke so that they’re cooled down by the attending water. So how do you choose the right downpipe or downstem for your bong? Here’s how:

Now, there are three major types of bong downpipes when it comes to size. There’s the, the 18.8 downpipe, and the 29.2mm. Your bong is likely to fall within any of these categories. Make sure you check out the size of your bong before placing an order. Included in the order is the size of the chillum since they have to be cut to your preferred size. If you have an old chillum, it’s best to stick to this measurement.

Another overwhelming part of the downpipe choosing process is the wide array of materials. There’s the classic glass bong of course, but you’ll also find plastic ones, metal ones, and even those made from bamboo. Generally, you should pick a downstem that corresponds to the overall material of your bong. This way, it can blend in beautifully and create a pretty solid piece of equipment.

Diffuser Bong Downstem

Note that there are other types of donwpipes today, some of them beyond the standard sizes as mentioned above. Not only that, but they can be made with intricate designs or markings, depending on how much you appreciate the aesthetic nature of your bong. Since a lot of people value bong-use as a way of life, it makes sense to choose something that is different from the typical straight-edged glass downstems. Curved downstems are a common favorite for many who have gotten used to the straight type and want a little more creativity with their hits.

Lastly, don’t forget about the cost of the bong. Fortunately, the different types of downstem means that you’ll be getting different prices to choose from starting with $10 to something a little more expensive. The price is really up to you and as a rule, expensive downstems are more durable than their cheap counterparts. Of course, it makes sense to read reviews about the product first.

glass downstem for bong

glass downstem for bong

A common problem among downpipes is that even if they’re the biggest kind, they can still be quite vulnerable. Prone to damage or breakage, you might want to buy two or more downstems just in case the one you’re using right now breaks. With a spare one always handy, you’ll never have to break a bong session ever!

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