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The First Time You Used A Bong And What You’ll Want To Experiment With Later On

Every stoner usually starts off with smoking a joint or from a pipe, but they will inevitably end up smoking from bongs. A water pipe is a whole different ball game when compared to a joint or a pipe. The latter two are actually quite similar to one another.

Using a water pipe for most smokers is like getting their first car keys or losing their virginity — it just opens up a whole universe of new possibilities. Here are some of the things most stoners want to experiment with right after the first time they use a water pipe.

Trying new accessories to make things even better

There are plenty of accessories that a person can use in order to improve their smoking experience with a bong. There are percolators, diffusers, and other accessories that people can choose from to improve the performance of their water pipe.

It’s easy to be intimidated with how in-depth getting the right accessory can be, but don’t worry as there are plenty of helpful people out there who can explain everything about accessorizing and improving bongs.

Putting in juices or iced tea to add flavor

Most people who use a water pipe just use water because it’s simply a cheap and easy way to smoke weed. Other people who like to add a little bit of kick into their session do so by adding fruit juice or iced tea. Smoking marijuana with juice or iced tea as the filter will add a hint of flavor to the smoke that a person rips from a bong.

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