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This is a quick post to let people know about the huge sale HerbTools are currently having, prices have been slashed and reduced on all bongs including glass percolators and cheap pipes!
Need a new smoking toy? bong shop – HerbTools are the easiest and cheapest bongs you can buy right now.

HerbTools Headshop If you haven’t already been to this online head shop then you are in for a great experience! With plenty of satisfied customers worldwide, you are sure to find some cheap bongs with quick delivery times at HerbTools.

Bongs – What to expect

When you first click on over to view bongs at HerbTools you will find a huge collection, but also on the left you will see the sections bar which allows you to start displaying your ideal bong preferences on screen. What I normally do is simply use the materials group and leave it at that, sometimes I add a price range too though if I have a desired budget in my mind, sometimes you can set out to buy a cheap bong yet fall in love with an expensive one! So this helps avoid that.

All bongs are dispatched in discreet boxes as advertised, there is nothing worse than going to sign for your package to see loads of brand printing on the box! But you don’t have to worry about then with bongs from HerbTools.

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